Aim & Strategy

Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt Ltd (CDCTMIPL) aim and strategy is to implement a new type of cargo handling as well as to develop and introduce new cargo handling products with a focus on fully-automated operations, but with flexibility and control through human and manual oversight and involvement. As such technology will be combined, and infused, with spirit and emotion to create a 'LIVING TECHNOLOGY'.

Celebi differentiates itself with its completely thorough investment in technology and equipment, and maintaining this in a careful manner. The most up-to-date equipment is implemented to deliver efficiencies and high quality. This is a very new concept in Europe and gives rise to the greatest efficiencies and best control. The company has already achieved full automisation and a paperless warehouse.

CDCTMIPL implements handling and distribution products at and beyond the hubs, which work to the highest standards of excellence. The company aims to lead the way with regard to high quality delivery, real-time communications and customer service products. Celebi's focus is to empower and develop management and create a working environment which engages staff positively with the developing direction of the company.

Celebi's Mission:

"To be the global solution partner, adding value to its shareholders while correctly perceiving the needs of airport users and sustaining quality."

Celebi's Vision:

With a team fully identified with the collective "Çelebi spirit", being an international leading and trustworthy company that creates changes in its sector and produces value for all stakeholders.