Operational Indicators

We are committed to a level of service that not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

We strive to develop long term relationships with growing small to mid-size companies while managing the services we provide. Customers trust our devotion towards the speed, flexibility and ingenuity while managing the services we provide.

Celebi Cargo Delhi measures the following in the automated IT Handling System, whereas fully adapts to customers' requirements. In Celebi Delhi Cargo it is possible to measure anything ranging from door waiting times, loading, queue times to the cycle time of an individual piece of cargo. Automated reports are distributed as all cargo is scanned at every point/Area.

Cargo handling services consist of:

  • General cargo handling
  • Special cargo handling (DGR, PER, VAL, AVI, VUN, HEA, AOG, LAR, etc)
  • Express cargo handling
  • Warehousing
  • 24/7 operations
  • Cargo Transportation
  • Truck handling
  • Customs services
  • Weight & volumetric checks
  • Operation services
  • Communications
  • ULD Control
  • Supervision
  • Security
  • Documentation and Supervision Services
  • EDI Transmission Services
  • Import Expedited Delivery
  • Export Express Acceptance
  • Dedicated pharma Handling
  • Perishable Handling
  • Cool Dolly
  • Domestic Cargo Handling
  • Courier Handling

and many other value added services…