Resources & Facilities

a. State-of-art equipment in Delhi – In-motion Count, Weight and Volume Analyzer (TLX Machine), Battery operated Forklift, High Reach Trucks, Stackers, Hand Trans Pallets, etc
b. Pallet Container Handling System including Elevated Transfer Vehicles (ETV) with storage for various built Unit Load Devices.
c. Automised weighing and measuring systems for ULD
d. X-ray Machines for ULD Scanning
e. Elevating Workstations for loading Unit Load Devices
f. Integrated Cargo Management System for complete cargo tracking in warehouse with other entities like CHA, Customs, Airlines, Bank etc
g. Self Kiosk in Public Transaction Lobbies for query handling
h. Queue Management in Public Transaction Lobbies for better management of Counters
i. Hand Held Terminals with barcode technology for Real Time entries to Cargo Warehouse Management System
j. Radio Transmission used Walkie-Talkie for easy interaction and coordination
k. 100% performance measurement from trucking/shipment waiting/loading time.
l. 100% Counting, weighing and dimension measuring at acceptance
m. 100% X-ray of consignment stored in Bonded location